Somerset Sportsman’s Club Membership Information

Here is some information about how to become a member of the Somerset Sportsman's Club.

1.Please read our FAQ's Page, as it may answer some of the questions you may have about the club.

2. Membership Cost:

  • First year's membership of the Somerset Sportsman's Club cost is $325.00. After a new member donates 10 hours of work time to the club they can be refunded $100.00 of this initial membership cost.
  • Yearly Due's after the first year are $150.00, which are due before the start of the February meeting of each year.

3..Application Process:

  • All new member must attend a brief New Member Orientation either before or during the first month of becoming a member.
  • Club members vote on the acceptance of new membership at our monthly meeting, which is held on the 2'nd Monday of each month. Potential new members who have submitted a new membership application with payment in full can be present at the meeting.
  • If you have already obtained your LTC you do not need a present club member to sponsor you. If you have not obtained your LTC, you will need a present club member to become your sponsor for the application process and you must obtain your LTC within 1 year of becoming member of the club.

4. Submit your Application and Payment:

  • Download and fill out / or print and fill out a New Membership Application - Click Here to download..Be sure to provide ALL INFORMATION REQUESTED non the application.
  • Submit your New Membership Application digitally by emailing to the club at
  • or (with check if not paying electronically with Paypal) mail to the Somerset Sportsman's Club mailing address P.O. Box 65, Somerset, MA 02726

5. Payment:

  • Cash, Check or electronically using PayPal by sending funds to .*Please add an additional $10 as a convenience fee for paying using Paypal . Please state in the comment field what this payment is for, example... "New Membership". If sending PayPal funds the total amount required would be $335.00 .

We look forward to you becoming member. Please Contact Us if you have any questions about the membership process.